Healthy Snack
Healthy Snack
They eat, sleep and breathe dance, but the stars of our video also eat to keep their toes tapping and the show going. Here’s how they fuel themselves on the fly.
“Pumpkin seeds with raisins and sparkling water” — Amanda Bouza 
  “Water and a handful of trail mix — I’ll put almonds, golden raisins, and some kind of dark chocolate in it.” — Cassidy Spaedt
  “A peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar” — Taylor LaBruzzo
  “Raw pistachios or raw almonds. They give me energy, and I avoid feeling too full going into my next class or performance.” — Paige Borowski
  “A salmon avocado roll and matcha green tea” — Katerina Eng
  “Dried cherries and sunflower seeds” — Stephanie Stricker
  “Trail mix, bananas or fruit snacks” — Madison Hicks
“Green smoothies or an açaí bowl from Juicy Cube or Juice Generation.” — Alysia Johnson